Create meaningful content for your Joinery Business

Creating meaningful, authentic, story-telling content is a significant part of what we do at

The Marketing Joint. We not only work with your joinery business to organize professional video & photoshoots but to guide your own content creation be it in your factory or onsite. 


People, process and product, the three pillars of how we guide and create content for the joinery industry.


PEOPLE: You and your joinery team in the factory or onsite doing what you do best. Whether it's an instagram reel, Facebook live or image, we believe that your story is through sharing.  


PROCESS: From design, fabrication to install, involve your audience in the process. Whether you're manufacturing kitchen boards, oiling a table or fitting out a kitchen, sharing your process is sharing your creativity. 


PRODUCT: We believe that your product should showcase a lifestyle. Whether you are capturing a detail, including a local artisan bottle of wine or showing a person enjoying their newly built kitchen, product content should reflect your brand culture.


​Our complimentary quick guide on "How to Keep Your Joinery brand consistent" has been created to help your Joinery business demystify branding. 

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