A marketing agency...how original right? We had that exact same thought.


What could our team bring to the table that others do not? And then it hit us. Let's combine the marketing strategies we know have worked time and time again with the industry we know the best - Joinery.  


But how do you know Joinery so well, you say?....The Marketing Joint is the creative arm of Bruce Poling's The Joinery Coach.


Having had his own joinery business, Bruce tried and tested many things that lead him to the strategies we implement with our clients. After decades of success and many years teaching lead generation marketing strategies to coaching clients, Bruce could hear businesses crying out for the RIGHT support. That's when The Marketing Joint came to life.


We guess you could say, his success was our inspiration. 


Where The Joinery Coach teaches and coaches your business, The Marketing Joint adopts a "done with you" and "done for you" approach to marketing strategy. We believe that you & your team MUST play an active role in the strategy in order for it to succeed. We aim to generate the right leads through dynamic marketing strategy but ask a few nonnegotiable's of you. 


Our vision is to support your joinery, cabinet making or woodworking business with a high-level lead generation strategy that will help you stabilise, grow to the right size & thrive.


​Our complimentary quick guide on "How to create a consistent brand identity" has been created to help your Joinery business demystify branding. 

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